On-Line Demonstration & Feasibility Study

JobTime Systems, Inc. is pleased to perform live on-line demonstrations of it's finite production scheduling software on behalf of qualified prospective clients and likely new partners. 

5 Minute Response ...   

We can start your on-line demonstration in as little as 5 minutes notice to help you get set up... just give us a call, and you can begin to see our software.  Ask your most challenging "hot button" questions, and watch us respond ...  

Why the On-Line Demonstration is more effective ...

It is challenging to learn all the new terms in Advanced Planning and Scheduling.  For most people, it is unclear how this new kind of software can help you until you see an actual example.   Nothing beats getting your questions answered promptly and clearly.

Over our 28 years of scheduling consultation and teaching experience, we have evaluated many product education tools including sales literature, manuals, rolling demo's, multi-media slideshow and self-directed webinars.  Most of these techniques leave clients with more questions than answers.    The subjects of advanced finite scheduling has at least an equivalent amount of "mental content" as the entire materials planning scope of MRP/ERP.  If you want to create an accurate production model of your shop, this goal requires one-on-one explanation to help you understand how scheduling rules, constraints, bottlenecks, buffers, and other scheduling terms actually fit into your own local shop situation.  

Most newcomers have told us that that trying to operate the full download of an actual scheduling system, without the necessary educational foundation is time consuming, inefficient, and frustrating for the end-user.   Finite scheduling quite different from classic MRP, and seeing new software screens and concepts can feel as confusing a being placed in the cockpit of a Boeing 767 and being told to fly the airplane without first having the proper training. 

Therefore, when you see a live on-line demonstration, you can stop the presenter and ask questions at your own pace.  You can get critical questions cleared up.  This is the right way to make the best use of your valuable time.  When you are working with a live specialist, you can describe your own company's unique production scheduling "hot-buttons", and get direct answers, ask for clarifications at your own pace. The on-line demonstration lets you most quickly get the answers you need, to solve your most pressing scheduling issues, and to then determine whether JobTime's product line is a good match for your company's needs. 

About that Internet Pace ... 

In today's non-stop economy, it is critical to respond to your competitor's lead-times.  Your competitors are also looking at production scheduling improvements to gain an edge on delivery.  JobTime pioneered on-line production scheduling demonstrations since 1990, and has kept pace with the rapidly changing technology for over 20 years. The same web-demo technology lets us give you immediate software support, and keeps our clients raving about the quality of our on-going product support.   By using the internet to the maximum extent possible, you will be able to accelerate your evaluation of JobTime, and gain rapid and high-quality support. 

It makes good business sense to evaluate software as inexpensively as possible, prior to spending your valuable time and money on travel for training courses, or to visit vendors at trade shows, or to make field trips to reference sites.   Some prefer learning over a series of short sessions to be  far more effective than a single grueling 8-hour classroom session.

Another advantage of the live online demonstration is that we can also "teleconference" multiple decision-makers from different locations.  You can ask relevant decision makers to join the conference, no matter where they happen to be located in the world!  This lets up to three key locations share the application demo simultaneously.  This benefit greatly reduces time and travel costs of gathering your key people into the same office at the same time. 

The Initial On-Line Demonstration

Your initial demonstration can be handled quickly.  We suggest that the first session be with just yourself.  This will first verify the feasibility of the technical connection, and let us focus on your company's "hot buttons" in the your own production scheduling needs that need to be solved. We can offer you a choice of a broad variety of established demo applications, selecting a manufacturing example which that solves the specific solution that you want to implement in your own company.    The available manufacturing applications include, but are not necessarily limited to those listed on our "Applications Page"..   

On-Line Demonstration Tools 

We provide on-line demonstration by internet and a live phone conversation. We can demonstrate our product allowing you the security of using your own corporate conferencing tool, and we also support the following on-line demonstration software products:  


Inter-Tel Web Conferencing (Web Demo): at our web host location (call for information).


Microsoft Live Meeting

Access Across Your Company Intranet

Today, most companies, have found it necessary to protect their internal computer Intranet by using a company firewall, to prevent unauthorized access.  Unfortunately, the firewall protection also typically blocks the IP ports needed by older products like NetMeeting or PCAnywhere32.    

In the case of protective firewalls, we suggest WebDemo or Live-Meeting since this technology is purely web based, typically using only the standard internet port 80.  (Nevertheless, strict internet security at your local office might limit web-conferencing).    

Try a Dry Run First

We strongly suggest first trying a "dry-run" to verify successful internet connection of the on-line demo connection.  This step will establish the feasibility of the on-line demonstration.  Next, if you take a few minutes to view the software in the dry-run,  you can give us feedback on the most critical scheduling challenges at your company, and we will be able to deliver a more effective on-line demonstration to a larger group of people. 

It is important to verify the connection prior to gathering a large group, in order to guarantee the most effective use of your staff's valuable time.  Mr. Murphy reports for work every day on the internet, just like he does in the shop.        

Give us a call! 

When you are ready for your free on-line demonstration, let us know!

Mini-Feasibility Study

Following the initial product demonstration, if you believe that JobTime is likely to be a good fit to meet your needs, we can also provide a "mini feasibility demonstration", using sample data drawn from your own company.   

We can work online with you, and enter data into our tailored Excel spreadsheet, (we call it JobLink/Excel) which lets use capture your shop calendars, work centers, resources, routings, and orders, initially up to 20 shop orders and 100 operations.   Next, we import your data off-line.  Our next demo will display a sample of your own shop actually being scheduled by JobTime's software. The screens  will display familiar work centers and work orders.  Reports will come alive and become more meaningful.  All standard reports and graphs will be generated and forwarded to you as part of the study.  

As a sales promotion to clients in an active procurement, there is no charge for the first 8 hours of this service, which is typically sufficient for your mini-study.  For those who are new to the subject, and are seeking deeper education and verification of modeling feasibility to meet challenging scheduling constraints on their own special shop-floor constraints, possibly including more extensive data from their own shop, an additional fixed price 1-day project is available.  

With our mini-studies approach we can give you excellent education in Advanced Planning and Scheduling, and also help you understand how to best model specific scheduling challenges unique to your own manufacturing environment.  Our mini studies are performed for a nominal fee which can be credited toward a future systems purchase.  Please contact us for further details about this opportunity.

Maxi-Feasibility / ROI Investigation

Following a mini-study, you may want to pursue a 'Maxi-Study', consisting of a full data set of your entire set of orders being run through JobTime, with certain reports tailored to your needs, and a return-on-investment (ROI) report to document realistic financial benefits your company can expect to gain by improving your shop scheduling with the JobTime software.   As a consulting service, we are pleased to provide you with this type of analysis, to help you verify feasibility of software functions for your shop, and full consideration of reports, prior to considering a full purchase decision of the system. The full scale Maxi Study typically requires 3 to 4 days of our time, depending on the complexity of your scheduling constraints.  Contact us for further details of the "Maxi-Feasibility Study", which can also include both training & 'try before you buy' capabilities.


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