JobTime5 - Level 1: Basic Scheduling Power


Formerly named "SmartSched" our JobTime5 Level1: Basic Scheduling version is intended only for very small start-up manufacturing companies who meet certain basic requirements to qualify for our "Small Company Discount".  The requirements for this program include the following:

bulletAll Negotiations Direct with Company President
bulletCompany size less than 50 Employees
bulletNot part of a Larger Organization
bulletNo Sister Plants or Subsidiary Plants
bulletTraining and Implementation Minimum of 3 Days
bulletPurchase includes mandatory Annual Support
bullet16 Hours of Advanced Startup Support are also Purchased
bulletClient Brings Target PC to JobTime Office for Training and Basic Implementation
bulletJobTime5 data entered manually,  no ERP or other Import Interface Included
bulletAll Progress Updates are Done using JobTime's Provided Update Screens.
bulletCustomized Reports, if any, are additional
bulletFeatures to Be Used are Limited to JobTime5-Level1

This special priced program allows very small startup manufacturing companies to gain the benefits of scheduling, possibly even before implementing an accounting or ERP system, because the way that 'small' companies become 'big companies' is to first deliver on-time, as promised.

JobTime5 Level 1 is a single-constraint scheduling system.  Each work center recognizes a family of alternate work stations (machines or people). Each operation lets you specify setup time and unit production rate, overlapping against the following operation, accepts shop floor time/quantity updates. Each operation allows its quantity to be expressed in units-of-measure tied to that operation, based on a conversion factor (a 'quantity multiplier).   

JobTime5 Visual Schedule Board - All Levels

Our Visual Schedule Board supports the following features, in all JobTime5 versions:

bulletZoom In / Zoom Out to view the horizon at the detail you desire
bulletHighlight all operations of a given work order
bulletDisplay late orders in red
bulletDynamically re-schedule tasks you move, recognizing working calendar
bulletMove impacted tasks on the same machine accurately into the future
bulletDisplay full part or order number by moving the mouse next to a task
bulletDisplay the full operation detailed field dialog by double clicking a task
bulletLet you re-arrange machine-center rows and re-size width of the rows
bulletScroll the board horizontally or vertically using true Windows controls
bulletValidate moving a task to not violate upstream or overlapping operations
bulletValidate moving a task to machines not permitted as alternates
bulletValidate moving a task to a date prior to the Work Order release date

Our visual scheduling capability is based on our propriety SmartBoard technology, giving you a Schedule Board that lets you see the schedule as a familiar "magnetic schedule board". You can use your  mouse to drag and drop individual operations.  Constraints are flagged in case you attempt to move an operation to an invalid work center, or if the work in an upstream operation in that work order has not yet been finished, or if you move would violate the materials release date of the work order.  Visual Drag & Drop lets you fine tune schedules that have been first  calculated by our SmartSched scheduling engine, which fully loads the shop with no lost gap time, where feasible.  If you drag and drop an operation on its neighboring task bar to the right, all the following operations on that same work-station row are automatically 'bumped out' into the future, to prevent 'double booking. JobTime guarantees no double booking of multiple jobs on the same work station at the same time, even for a single minute.    

Computer scheduling have been greatly improved, but they might not reflect 100% of all the variables in your shop, to show the schedule you really want your people to follow, for any variety of valid reasons.  JobTime5-Level 1  gives you the ideal man-machine scheduler combination. The SmartSched engine rapidly gives you first-cut "feasible and near optimal" schedules.  The experienced  scheduler, if desired, can use JobTime's Schedule Board to dynamically fine-tune the schedule by moving operations manually, in a Drag & Drop manner. The  "SmartBoard" technology lets you reflect fast-changing requirements which are simply too difficult build into a automatic computerized scheduling logic.  Most often, this is as simple as just switching the order of two adjacent operation bars on the Schedule Board.

JobTime5's Schedule Board system also displays text about the operation task-bars, as you hover the mouse over them.  The text in this text-tip is user-controlled, and can include fields from the work-order or operation, such as customer, part-number, due-date, or days early/late.

With JobTime's "SmartBoard" technology you can point and click, then drag and drop, on our visual Schedule Board. This flexibility lets you adjust your shop schedules conveniently.  You can customize the view of the schedule board.  Select or omit which work stations appear on your Schedule Board.  Adjust the width of each row.  Your time reference of your mouse location is always visible in the date-time shown in the lower left corner of the Schedule Board.  Zoom In / Zoom Out give you progress zoom actions. You can even change the specific number of pixels per second to you specific choice. Hover the mouse over any task-bar and you get a help window that displays the work order, customer, quantity and due-date of that item.  You can also double-click any given operation, and see full screens showing full details from that specific Work Order and Operation.  When you save your changes, they are saved to the schedule database, and will affect all schedule reports you print later.   A picture is worth a thousand words, and SmartBoard is a picture of your shop's execution plan. 

JobTime lets you define machines, calendars, and routings.  Each work center can contain any number of alternate work-stations (machines). JobTime's internal schedule engine reflects our "SmartSched" technology, which provides an accurate finite capacity schedule, so that load-leveling after scheduling is not required.  Choose any one of 12 standard dispatching rules, such as due-date, priority, priority + due-date, slack time, etc.   JobTime5 -Level1 is a best buy for the company just getting started with finite scheduling, and preserves the option to later expand seamlessly into a multiple constraint scheduling system, bottleneck optimization, and materials synchronization, at the progressively higher levels of JobTime5. 

Buy only what you need to start from Level 1, and then increase your scheduling power, as you see the benefits and payoffs of the more detailed scheduling features that JobTime5 can provide at higher levels.


JobTime 5 - Level1  improves scheduling in three important ways:
bulletPromising Delivery: SmartBoard let's you visualize your machine loading to determine capacity available for "hot" or last-minute jobs. By moving orders you immediately see if a job becomes late if it is pushed into the future.
bulletManaging Production: You can see work orders visually through the entire production cycle. You can simultaneously see all other competing orders on the same machines. You can make minor "fine-tuning" adjustments such as switching the to-do sequence, without having to fully re-schedule.
bulletWhat If Analysis: Shift your capacity (over-time or sub-contract) and see late jobs come in on-time. Reflect a machine breakdown and see the impact. Re-schedule maintenance to pick up short-term capacity. See it now, not later.

Features for Updating

JobTime's underlying SmartSched and SmartBoard technologies  let you interact with your current scheduling data.  

JobTime5 Level 1 includes screens to let you to define your calendars, work centers, work stations (machines), routings, and shop orders.  The scheduling system allows you to select one of 12 dispatching scheduling rules.  

These screens also let you perform updating on operations, to show finished tasks, or tasks currently in-process.

Finished tasks can be marked complete in a single checkbox.  If you want to 'back-flush' all prior operations in that work-order, just click on the checkbox for 'Back-flush', and all prior tasks will also be marked 100% complete.  You can also un-do these changes with a single click.

Partially finished tasks can be reflected by hours spent and/or  units completed.  Percent complete is automatically calculated, as well as quantity to go and estimated hours to go. You can over-ride the estimated hours to-go if needed.     Multiple update on the same operation, you will simply mark the operation's status of its cumulative progress to date, expressed as total units completed to date,  or total hours spent to date.  You can mark both these items if you have the data.  If you enter quantity finished, then operation percent complete is based on quantity finished.  If you only input hours spent, then operation percent complete is based on time spent.  Percent complete is never allowed to exceed 99% until you mark the operation finished. 

JobTime5's Manual Updating is quick and convenient on the Update Tab, located on the Operations screen.

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